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Executive Plant Service

Say "Congratulations" With Custom-Selected Executive Office Plants.

Office Greens makes it easy for you to say "congratulations" and encourage valued executives to personalize their offices. Below is the selection of executive plants we currently offer. Simply compete the form and we'll contact you to confirm and deliver the plant. Looking for something a little different? Just indicate what you are looking for in the message section of the form.

Executive Plant Selections – Floor Plants

160x160 floor a

Plant A: Mass Cane
5' Tall x 20-24" Wide

160x160 floor b

Plant B: Aglo
24" Tall x 20" Wide

160x160 floor c

Plant C: Marginata
30” Tall x 24” Wide

160x160 floor d

Plant D: Sansevieria
3’ Tall x 10” Wide

160x160 floor e

Plant E: ZZ
20” Tall x 18” Wide

Executive Plant Selections – Counter Plants

160x160 counter a

Plant A: Pothos
6” Wide/trailing

160x160 counter b

Plant B: Aglo Up
14” Tall x 8” Wide

160x160 counter c

Plant C: Philo Up
12” Tall x 10” Wide

Executive Plant Order Form

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Contact Office Greens with any questions about our Executive Plant Service.

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