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Moss Art / Moss Walls

Custom Designed Moss Art To Fit Any Decor.

Moss art literally brings the beauty of nature into your working environment – adding a unique style to any office. Moss art is a hanging wall-art panel or series of panels made of mosses.

Unlike our live art, moss art or moss walls are created with incredibly hardy mosses that can survive and thrive in environments where living walls made with conventional plants would not. 

Moss walls can be designed and sculpted to create a wide range of shapes and sizes to add a truly unique feature in nearly any space. They are works of art like tapestries or paintings, with many possible colors and textures. And they’re alive – breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen, improving the air quality in your workplace.

They require very little maintenance or water, and since they are lightweight and only protrude a few inches from the wall, they can be installed in places where other plants aren’t practical. Plus, they’re pest-free and even help dampen sound.

But the biggest reason so many offices and building managers are considering moss walls is because they are beautiful!

Contact us today for a free on-site Easy Green Analysis and learn about moss walls. From design through installation and maintenance, the team at Office Greens is here to help turn your walls into “moss-some” works of art!


From classic to unique, we’ve got plant choices to fit any interior environment.