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Plants & Containers

Just The Right Plants In The Right Containers.

The interior plantscapers at Office Greens create stunning designs by coordinating the plants and their containers with the workspace for the maximum effect.

We look at dimensions—what size plant will enhance the space?

We look at lighting—how much available light will reach the plants?

We look at existing colors and patterns—what does the area need visually to enhance the ambiance?Transform your working environment and make a positive impact on employees and visitors alike with indoor plants and flowers from Office Greens. Think of them as living artwork.

Blooming plants. Exquisite containers. Lush green walls. All are available from Office Greens to lease, purchase with service (guaranteed, of course), or purchase outright—whatever fits your budget.

Our premier designs and carefully selected flowers and greenery set the tone for your space and meet your objectives, in style. 

To get just the right plants in the right containers in the right places, we look at every detail. Contact us today to learn more about our complimentary Easy Green Analysis and all of our premier products and services.