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Why Plants

Beautiful Plants Make 40 Hours A Week (Or More) Feel Good.

People and plants work together well. It’s called biophilia, and researchers have proven that plants contribute to a healthy and productive interior environment. People just feel better with plants around them. Plants have even helped to earn Leadership in Energy and Environment (LEED) credits for their contributions to sustainability.

Some of the key benefits of plants in workspaces are highlighted below. Learn more about Green Plants for Green Buildings. Really, what’s not to love about these friendly green neighbors?

Office Plants Treat Your Senses

Plants contribute to the sensory experience for workers, adding visual interest, acoustic tranquility, and scent. Researchers have found that interior plants can absorb irritating high sound frequencies and make a workspace temperature more comfortable.

Office Plants Improve Indoor Air Pollution

Living plants are like mini air conditioners and air purification systems. They filter carbon dioxide out of the air. They also remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air. You’ll breathe easier with plants in your workspace area.

Office Plants Boost Worker Productivity By 12%

Workers with plants in their offices tend to be more focused, creative, attentive, happier, and healthier. Plants also help reduce stress, fear, anxiety, and anger. Not surprisingly, employees with workspace plants miss fewer days of work.

Office Plants Improve Tenant Occupancy and Retention

People generally like plants. Plants are alive, but quiet and well behaved. They look pretty, too. Beautiful displays of greenery and blooming plants create a warm and welcoming appearance, and provide a more interesting experience for your tenants’ shoppers, diners, or guests.

Office Plants Deliver Profits

Based on averages from the U.S. Census Bureau and facility/building raw data, plants offer a $14.51 return on investment per 100 SF each month. Plants deliver a profit!

White Papers About Going Green

2015 Authentically Green Interiors White Paper

There is growing recognition within the sustainability movement that to be truly effective, a green facility must do more than effectively use natural resources.  These facilities need to nurture the health, prosperity and general well being of the inhabitants of its spaces. Download The 2015 Authentically Green Interiors White Paper Now.

Living Walls White Paper

This white paper presents a summary of the following:

  • The research being done on living walls
  • The requirements and design features for successful plantings
  • The best practices for designing, building and maintaining these systems
  • The health, well-being and biophilic benefits
  • General costs of the systems
  • And the positive effects of living walls on the environment.

This paper will also present the differences present in various green walls systems and how those systems are appropriate for differing needs. Download The Living Walls White Paper Now.

The Economics Of Biophilia

Why designing with nature in mind makes financial sense.

Download The Economics Of Biophilia White Paper Now.

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