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Interior Plant Decor

Our Greenery: Your Living Décor.

Lush cascades of leaves. Whispering palm fronds. Vibrant blossoms. Plants bring life to your working environment. They’re the essential finishing touch that enhances your workspace’s interior design.

Blooming plants and greenery add visual interest as beautiful as any painting or sculpture, plus these living works of art provide proven environmental benefits for tenants and visitors.

Across the Twin Cities, companies and property managers trust Office Greens for superior services, including:

Creative Interior Plantscape Designs

Our design consultant works with your architect and interior design team or provides a plantscape blueprint to complement your workspaces. You’ll receive recommendations for plants that will thrive in your work environment and enhance your ambiance.

Indoor Plant Installation

With more than ten years of hands-on horticultural experience, Office Greens expertly coordinates your entire installation without disturbing your workplace or disrupting your day.

Regular Maintenance

We follow-up with regular service visits and take the time to get to know you and your staff. We maintain high quality standards, rotating blooming plants periodically as your budget allows and ensuring your displays or interior landscaping areas stay watered, fertilized, cleaned, and pruned as needed. Your plants always look as fresh and vigorous as the day they were installed.

Plant Leasing

Office Greens provides plenty of indoor plant display and interior landscaping options for office managers and building managers, including plant leasing.

Contact us today for a free on-site Easy Green Analysis. And see how easy it is to look this fine.

From classic to unique, we’ve got plant choices to fit any interior environment.